Radiation Safety

The radiation safety team works diligently to reduce human exposure to radiation through the proper management and disposal of all radioactive materials used in clinical, educational, and research activities at the University of Chicago. Our staff also oversees UChicago’s X-Ray Radiation Program and Laser Safety Program.

If you're dealing with an accident or exposure, please immediately consult our Radioactive Spill Incident Response Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Our services and responsibilities

  • Assist with principal investigator protocol for radioactive material consultation and review
  • Conduct initial and annual radiation safety training
  • Assist the Committee on Radiation Safety and the Radioisotopes and Radioactive Drug Research Advisory Committee
  • Help implement the radiation safety program and establish policies and procedures
  • Assist with procurement of radioactive material
  • Track all radioactive material on campus
  • Prepare all radioactive material shipments from the University
  • Monitor internal and external personnel exposure
  • Survey instrument calibrations and initiate instrument repair
  • Inspect labs for proper radiation safety equipment and practices
  • Oversee radioactive material security
  • Assist with emergency response to radioactive spills, irradiator alarms, or codes orange
  • Manage radioactive waste by issuing waste management containers, picking up radioactive waste, preparing radioactive waste for waste broker pickup, and managing decay-in-storage of short-lived waste
  • Oversee patient clinical procedures, including room setup, room devon, patient and room surveys, patient instruction and education, outpatient therapy procedures, and release calculations
  • Manage the University's X-ray Radiation Safety Program, including registration and annual inspection
  • Manage the laser safety program, including laser equipment registration, laser inventory, laser safety training, signage, and lab inspections

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