Biological Safety

The biological safety team at the University of Chicago provides training and guidance to investigators, staff, and students performing laboratory research with hazardous biological materials. Our team of experts oversees all University-sponsored research involving recombinant and synthetic DNA, microorganisms that pose hazards to humans, animals, or plants, biological toxins, and other potentially biohazardous material.

Our staff works closely with other research-related compliance offices to ensure that all ongoing research on the Hyde Park campus and at the Howard Taylor Ricketts Laboratory at Argonne National Laboratory is conducted in a way that minimizes risk to both laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment. 

If you're dealing with a chemical or biological spill, please call 1-2-3 (on-campus phone) or 773-702-8181 (off-campus phone). Remember to complete a UCAIR report after conditions are safe.

Exposures call the Needlestick/Bloodborne Pathogen Hotline at:

On-Campus Phone:
31880 pager 9990#

Off-Campus Phone:
773.753.1880 pager 9990#

Our services and responsibilities

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