Instructions for Laboratories

Chemical Safety

The chemical safety team at the University of Chicago is available to support principal investigators, research personnel, and students with handling, storing, and disposing of hazardous chemicals in a way that minimizes risk to people and the environment. 

Since chemicals can have a variety of properties, knowledge of the hazards and effective controls are crucial to safety. Our team includes chemical safety experts with extensive research experience.

If you're dealing with a chemical or biological spill, please call 1-2-3 (on-campus phone) or 773-702-8181 (off-campus phone). Remember to complete a UCAIR report after conditions are safe.

Exposures call the Needlestick/Bloodborne Pathogen Hotline at:

On-Campus Phone:
31880 pager 9990#

Off-Campus Phone:
773.753.1880 pager 9990#

Free chemical carriers for UChicago labs

To promote the proper and safe transport of hazardous chemicals, we make available to all UChicago laboratories one Eagle Thermoplastics container that holds a five-pint or one-gallon bottle. To receive your free carrier, contact Chemical Safety.

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