Sa-Lin Bernstein, PhD

Director of Business IntergrationJeffrey Melton

Sa-Lin Bernstein received her PhD in physics from the University of Kentucky, where her research advanced the theoretical understanding of thin-film superconductors with vortex pinning centers. Upon graduation, she joined the Physics Department at the University of Michigan as a postdoctoral research fellow and award-winning introductory physics lecturer. Next, she joined the UChicago-Argonne Computation Institute, as part of the Lighthouse project, to lead the construction of an interactive web portal to assist researchers with the implementation of linear algebra algorithms in high-performance computing applications. Subsequently, she worked in industry, where she unlocked previously unavailable data for business intelligence applications, heightening her passion for integrating technology and business strategy. As Director of Business Integration, Sa-Lin leverages data and cross-functional teams to continuously improve safety programs and culture at the University.

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