Instructions for Laboratories

Research Safety Policy Council

The Research Safety Policy Council, chaired by the Vice Provost for Research, promulgates research safety policies at the University of Chicago, with administrative support and subject matter expertise provided by the Office of Research Safety and appropriate institutional safety committees.

It is the policy of the University of Chicago that the safe conduct of research activities involving potentially hazardous or regulated research materials (including animals), and associated regulatory compliance, is a responsibility shared by all persons assigned to perform the research activity. This includes staff and students, the principal investigator (PI) leading the specific research effort, departmental and divisional leadership with which each PI is affiliated, divisional lab safety specialists, and the Office of Research Safety.

Furthermore, it is ultimately the responsibility of the PI under whose direction a given research activity is conducted, and the dean to whom the PI reports, to ensure that affiliated staff and students are appropriately trained. Research conducted under their direction must be performed safely and in compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations, whether institutional, local, state, or federal. 

The Office of Research Safety will provide subject matter expertise on issues of chemical, biological, radiological, laser, and physical safety derived from UChicago-sponsored research activities in support of PIs, divisional lab safety specialists, institutional safety committees, and University leadership.

Members (fiscal year 2020)

  • Karen Kim, Vice Provost for Research and Research Safety Policy Council Chair
  • Joe Kanabrocki, Associate Vice President for Research Safety
  • Angela Olinto, Dean of the Division of the Physical Sciences
  • Matt Tirrell, Pritzker Director, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
  • Kenneth Polonsky, Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences
  • Conrad Gilliam, Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences
  • Kim Taylor, Vice President and General Council
  • George Langan, Dean of Research Resources
  • Amanda Woodward, Dean of the Division of Social Sciences
  • Krista Cooley, Executive Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Chris Riddle, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Chicago Medicine
  • Larry Hill, Ex Officio
  • Melina Hale, Provost Rep