During 2022, the University rolled out a new shipping portal, eShipGlobal which replaces the use of commercial carrier websites for express and ground shipping. 

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT? All outbound shipping of small parcels, documents, biological samples and other hazardous materials are required to be processed through eShipGlobal. This ensures that the University complies with applicable federal regulations in the realm of export control and hazardous material laws, including training compliance.

ARE THERE BENEFITS? There are many benefits to using  eShipGlobal, including but not limited to:  real-time pricing of University contract rates at the time of order placement; as well as the ability to pre-populate your financial account into your profile for charging of shipments (thus negating the need for an account and/or purchase order).

HOW DO I LEARN MORE? If your group/department requires personalized training, please reach out to us as soon as possible so that we may set this up in a timely manner. Otherwise, please contact us with any questions or concerns so that we may help to facilitate your use of eShipGlobal, and keep our university compliant and safe. This will cover the platform’s general use, hazardous laboratory materials shipments, and export control requirements.  

OTHER TRAINING CONSDERATIONS? Plan ahead. The end-user training does not certify or train attendees on how to classify and package hazardous material. eShipGlobal users or other researchers that will be shipping/transporting Hazardous Materials, or other research material must have completed and be current in IATA Shipping Hazardous Goods (shp-12H) training. This course is offered bi-weekly and can be registered for by visiting

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