Important Updates on Research Continuity during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Instructions for Laboratories

Educational Assignments, Visiting Scientists and Other Research Activities

The University has lifted COVID-19 restrictions for Educational Assignments and are now allowing UChicago and non-UChicago registered undergrads and graduate students to participate in formal programs during the Summer. UChicago enrolled students may participate in individual Educational Assignments. Please complete the relevant forms listed below.

All students (external and UChicago) participating in Summer programs that are not registered via University Registrar, are required to complete the Educational Assignment forms. This allows Employee & Labor Relations and the Office of Research Safety to track presence, location, assess and record individual training, ensure compliance of laboratories, collect the risk & liability waiver, and other relevant information for safety and/or metrics purposes in adherence to the multiple University policies listed below. All students and visitors on campus must follow the COVID-19 guidelines as outlined on the UChicago GoForward website.




What is an Educational Assignment or Other Research activity and the process?

Educational Assignments vs. Volunteer Activities

Forms for Students:

Educational Assignment Proposal (minor <17)

Educational Assignment Proposal (adult >18)

Educational Assignment Proposal (groups)

Forms for Visiting Researchers:

Visiting Researcher Proposal

Relevant Policies:

Educational Assignments in the Lab Policy

Non-Degree Visiting Student Policy

Volunteer Policy

Research Safety Education and Training Policy

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Institutional Roles and Responsibilities