Policies & Manuals


The following research safety campus policies have been approved approved by the Research Safety Policy Council:

These additional policies may also be relevant to your research:


  • Biosafety Manual, Sixth Edition (PDF): provides detailed guidelines for handling pathogenic microorganisms and other potentially infectious materials at Biosafety Level 2. 

  • Biological Spill Protocol (PDF): ensures you know what to do when that 20ml culture of Bacillus anthracis, or another potentially infectious substance, spills all over your lab bench. 

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF): provide detailed guidelines for the safe handling of chemicals.

  • Radiation Safety Manual (PDF): provides detailed guidelines for safe handling of radioactive materials.

  • Radioactive Incident Response (PDF): provides guidance on who to contact and what to do if you think you’ve been exposed to sources of radiation or encountered an overexposure.