Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Training

All new and current employees being added as Radioactive Material (RAM) users to a protocol must attend the Office of Radiation Safety training course for RAM users prior to any use of radioactive material.
PI submittal of the New User Amendment and Training Certification form to ORS (fax no. 2-4008, mail MC2106 or deliver to AMB M-031A) is required to add a user to the protocol! Additionally, each individual assigned the lab designee responsibilities must first attend the RAM user training course and then the laboratory designee training course presented by the Radiation Safety Team.

Rad-002- Radioactive Material User Refresher
Rad-003- Radioactive Material Laboratory Designee
Rad-004- Radiation Safety Awareness
Rad-005- X-ray Safety and Awareness
Lsr-001- Class 3b and Class 4 Laser Safety Training
Lsr-003- Laser Safety Awareness

Course Descriptions

Radiation Safety Awareness

Radiation Safety Awareness training is administered to all individuals who may work in radioactive material use areas as part of their normal job responsibilities, but are not authorized to handle radioactive materials or devices. The training is specifically tailored to the needs of the worker, based upon their job description and potential hazards. Awareness training includes discussion of radioactive material labeling and postings, the University’s ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) program to reduce occupational radiation exposures, radiation protection measures (time, distance, and shielding), radiation risks, and emergency response procedures. Laboratory safety rules, as well as basic radiation physics, monitoring, and measurement are discussed as appropriate to the worker and her/his environment. Radiation Safety Awareness training must be arranged for by contacting the Office of Radiation Safety.

This course can be taken online or in-person on an as-needed basis. Please contact our Radiation Safety Team if you wish to set up individual training.

Radioactive Material User Training

Radioactive Material (RAM) User training discusses requirements of the University of Chicago radioactive material license, Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), Division of Nuclear Safety regulations and radiation safety practices to ensure a safe work environment. The training class is designed to provide the RAM user with the necessary information to work safely with radioactive material and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Topics discussed are: basic radiation physics, occupational exposure limits, general rules for safe use of radioactive materials, dosimeter badges, security, labeling, transportation of radioactive materials, survey instrument use, radioactive material inventory tracking, radioactive waste disposal, conducting surveys (e.g. contamination, radiation exposure), and documentation requirements. This 2.5-3.0 hour training class is mandatory regardless of previous experience for first time radioactive material users at the University of Chicago. Radioactive Material (RAM) user training is intended for all faculty, post docs, students, volunteers, and employees of the University of Chicago who will actively handle and use radioactive material. Therefore, new and current employees (including new Principal Investigators (PI) applying for a radioactive material protocol) to be added to a Principal Investigator radioactive material protocol for the first time must attend the radioactive material user training class prior to using radioactive material. RAM user training is offered weekly.

This course can be taken online or in-person.

Radioactive Material Laboratory Designee

Laboratory Designee training discusses the responsibilities of the individual (Laboratory Designee) designated by the principal investigator (PI) to assist the laboratory in maintaining compliance with radiation safety requirements. The responsibilities discussed include: correspondence between laboratory and the Office of Radiation Safety, training requirements for laboratory personnel, radioactive material accountability, waste management, surveys, protocol maintenance, policy enforcement, security, dosimeter badges, and documentation requirements. This online training course is mandatory for all individuals that are designated for the first time to be the laboratory designee for the principal investigator radioactive material protocol. Prior to attending this training class, the individual must have attended the RAM user training class or must be an approved RAM user on a principal investigator’s protocol. Laboratory Designee training is available on the University EHSA Training Site. If you need to complete this course, please contact our Radiation Safety Team to be registered for the Laboratory Designee course.

Irradiator Operator

This course is offered in-person on an as-needed basis. Please contact our Radiation Safety Team if you wish to set up individual training.

X-ray Safety and Awareness

This course can be taken online or in-person.