Policies and Safety Manuals

Research Safety Campus Policies approved by the Research Safety Policy Council

Personal Protective Equipment Policy
Research Safety Training Policy
Educational Assignment Policy for Minors in the Lab
Institutional Roles and Responsibilities for Safety Culture

Other applicable policies

Volunteer Policy (Human Resources/Legal Counsel)

Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Policy 
The purpose of this Policy is to describe and provide guidance for the ongoing institutional review and oversight of certain life sciences research with high-consequence pathogens and toxins in order to identify potential DURC and mitigate risks where appropriate. This Policy delineates the roles and responsibilities of the University of Chicago Research Administration (URA), the University of Chicago Principal Investigators (PIs) engaged in research activity that can have DURC potential or that has been identified as DURC, and the University of Chicago DURC Task Force (UC-DTF).

Below are the manuals for Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, and Radiation Safety.

University of Chicago Biosafety Manual: 6th Edition

The University of Chicago’s Biosafety Manual provides detailed guidelines for handling pathogenic microorganisms and other potentially infectious materials at Biosafety Level 2. This manual discusses the recognition and control of biohazardous materials and includes an illustration of reporting structure and important contact information. You can download the full version or click on the Chapter most relevant to your search.

Full Text PDF UC Biosafety Manual Sixth Edition

Biological Spill Response

Accidents happen and it is our job to make sure that you know what to do when that 20ml culture of Bacillus anthracis, or other potentially infectious substance, spills all over your lab bench. You can be prepared by downloading UChicago’s Biological Spill Protocol.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Full Text PDF Chemical Hygiene Plan

Annual Review:

Policy updates from March 13, 2019 RSPC meeting

Radiation Safety 

The University of Chicago’s Radiation Safety Manual provides detailed guidelines for safe handling of radioactive materials. This manual discusses exposure control, procurement, waste management, and monitoring of radioactive materials. You can download the full version or click on the Chapter most relevant to your search.

Full Text PDF Radiation Safety Manual

Radioactive Incident Response

What do you do if you spill radioactive material? Who should you contact if you think you’ve been exposed to sources of radiation or have possibly encountered an overexposure? To answer these questions, download UChicago’s Radioactive Incident Response.