Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The Office of Research Safety also works closely with UChicago’s IACUC. Our Biological Safety Team consults on IACUC protocols that involve biohazardous materials and helps to identify areas where personal risk can be minimized. Additional information can be found on the IACUC website.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

The Office of Research Safety collaborates regularly with UChicago’s EHS on all matters of laboratory safety. Our offices communicate relevant information regarding lab inspections, training and coordinate safety initiatives across campus. We strive to maintain a close, collaborative environment between all safety offices to provide the highest level of support to all individuals working in research laboratories at UChicago. For more information, please visit the EHS website.

University Medical Center EHS

The Office of Research Safety also works with the University Medical Center EHS. The Biological Safety Team and Radiation Safety Team regularly consults on matters relating to biohazards and radioactive materials that may be encountered in the clinical setting. More information can be found here.

Duke Infectious Disease Response Training Program

The Duke Infectious Disease Response Training (DIDRT) program is designed to prepare individuals at risk of infectious disease exposure in their work place to safely perform their assigned job duties.  Awareness, operations and train-the-trainer level training is available for:  first responders, custodial workers, air travel/transport services, and healthcare/laboratory professionals. In addition to e-learning, hands-on training is provided at five federally constructed Regional Biocontainment Laboratories across the US.  Training instructors are part of a national collaborative network of biosafety professionals with extensive experience delivering comprehensive and effective emergency response training. More information can be found here.