The University of Chicago established the Office of Research Safety (ORS) in 2014 to serve as a primary resource for campus-wide research laboratory safety, user training and information. Our dedicated teams of biological safety, chemical hygiene, and radiation safety experts work closely with researchers, departments, divisions, the Radiation Safety Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee, the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee and the Environmental Health & Safety departments (University and UCMC) to ensure that all research is conducted safely and according to federal and institutional guidelines. Our goal is to minimize risk to all individuals working with or around hazardous substances as well as to the surrounding environment while still supporting the mission of the University of Chicago.

Three of our programs address three types of hazards commonly found in research laboratories: biological, chemical and radiological. Our Biological Safety, Chemical Safety and Radiation Safety programs are dedicated to minimizing the risks to all personnel and organisms involved in laboratory research at the University of Chicago. Our Radiation Safety Team also oversees a fourth program, which is UChicago’s Laser Safety program. The Laser Safety program is focused on minimizing the risks to all personnel working with Class 3b and Class 4 lasers.