Krista Dillingham, M.S.

Health Physicist, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer

Krista Dillingham joined the Radiation Safety team as a health physicist in July 2013. Having worked as a health physics consultant for 2 years at a local consulting firm and a health physics specialist at Argonne National Laboratory for 3 years, Krista brings a lot of knowledge and new ideas from past experiences to the University’s Office of Radiation Safety. Krista’s work experience and education in biology, forensic science and law will mold well with the goals of the Office of Research Safety/Radiation Safety. She has been working hard to provide assistance to both the research and clinical communities on campus and to improve the University’s radiation safety program. If you have any lasers (Class 3B or 4) in your laboratory do not be surprised when you receive an email or visit from Krista as the University’s Laser Safety Officer.