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Kimberly Mormann, MS

Kimberly Mormann (1979-2020)

It is with a very heavy heart that our beloved colleague, Kimberly Mormann, passed away December 16 after a battle with cancer.
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If you need lab safety attention in the near future, please contact our Chemical Safety Officers, Habib Khan ( or Chandra Karki ( Additionally, please copy AVP for Research Safety Joe Kanabrocki (, as well as Mike Grosse ( and Andy Campbell (

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"Kimberly served as our lab safety specialist for over five years, and was a valued colleague and friend to many. She worked closely with researchers and administrators in the PSD, PME, and the Office of Research Safety and promoted a safe environment across our labs so that we could continue in our mission to expand, deepen, and redefine our fields. She also enjoyed training future generations of scientists and served as a mentor to students and postdocs in the Joint Research Safety Initiative."

-Angela Olinto, Dean of the Physical Sciences

"Kimberly was a deeply committed and passionate laboratory safety specialist. This was particularly in evidence with the Joint Research Safety Initiative, for which she was an active and ardent supporter.  Kimberly was instrumental, working in partnership with the graduate students, postdocs and other research personnel, in establishing the program and making sure it had the needed expertise and support from the central administration and divisional leadership.  Her loss is heartfelt, and her presence missed."

-Larry Hill, Senior Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Office of Research and National Laboratories

"Kimberly was truly a champion for student safety; working with her closely through the JRSI, I got to witness firsthand the amount of time, energy, and compassion she had for supporting graduate students as they pursue research *safely.* As a mentor to the JRSI in our early days, Kimberly always encouraged us to dream big; so much so that many of our successes and annual programs today wouldn't have been possible without her ideas, support, and efforts. Kimberly will be sorely missed, but I hope that the continued work of the JRSI can serve as a living memorial to honor her memory for many years to come."

-Ben Slaw, Founding member and former co-president of JRSI

"Kimberly has been an invaluable and inseparable part of the Joint Research Safety Initiative since before day one, working to bring students together to meet their on-the-ground safety needs. She has always been the go-to person for us graduate students. When we didn't know who to talk to, she would always help us get connected. When we weren't sure about the answer to a safety question, she was always there. When we were at a loss for initiative ideas, she was always ready with suggestions. She even helped us get compensated for the work that we do! She was the touchstone for our organization in almost every way. While Kimberly's absence will be extraordinarily palpable for us, she will always be a part of our Initiative, and we are incredibly honored to continue working on her legacy."

-Sarah Zinn, Founding member and co-president of JRSI

"I am always fascinated with people who put the core of their passion towards making progress in their field of work.   Kim exemplifies my definition of one who is passionate about their vocation. I appreciated it immensely when she would ask how our family was doing and she showed genuine interest in our newest family member.  Making a genuine human connection with Kim was so rewarding and I will miss her and her friendship."

-Chris Delgado, Laboratory Safety Specialist, Office of Research Safety

"Kimberly was so passionate about her work and did a great job! She not only had great ideas, she also brought them to life with her hard work and diligence. She was a tremendous asset to the lab safety culture on campus. I will truly miss working with her and seeing her beautiful smile."

-Chantene Zichterman-Delgado, Administrator, Office of Research Safety

"Kimberly was independent, clever, and hard-working. As the first lab safety specialist, she blazed a path for those of us hired later. Her insights will be greatly missed. She kept at the job with determination, even close to the end. Her memory will serve as an inspiration to us all."

-Jeff Melton, Laboratory Safety Specialist, Office of Research Safety

"Kimberly championed safety through old fashioned hard work and dedication. Her tenacity was unmatched. I will miss laughing with her and will never forget her ability to find a way to get things done."

-Adam Santos, Senior Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety

"I had the privilege to work with Kimberly since my arrival at UChicago. She was passionate about her work and went out of her way to ensure a safe environment for researchers, students, and lab personnel. Her knowledge, compassion, and care for her colleagues will be greatly missed."

-Habib Khan, Chemical Safety Officer, Office of Research Safety

"Kimberly was a great asset for the Office of Research Safety as we expanded our program throughout campus, and the PSD and PME divisions both expanded in scope and avenues of research. She had a very broad knowledge of lab hazards, and kept pushing us to address any that were neglected. Her presence and expertise will be missed."

-Jay Schroeder, Biological Safety Officer, Office of Research Safety

"Kimberly was very thoughtful, dedicated, and passionate about her work. What a loss to our safety community!"

-Chandra Man Karki, Chemical Safety Officer, Office of Research Safety