Instructions for Laboratories

Ian Hoppie, MHP, ASP

Laboratory Safety Specialist 

Ian Hoppie earned his Bachelor of science in Biology with a minor in chemistry from Eastern Illinois University in 2011 and a Master’s Degree in Health Physics from Illinois Tech in 2019. The focus of his master’s was the cleanup at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant and management of radioactive waste.

Ian has previously worked in industries such as food production, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and most recently in the National Laboratory system at Fermilab. At Fermilab he work as an ESH Specialist within the radiation protection group. He was responsible for testing environmental samples for tritium as well as helping to develop standard operating procedures, laboratory QA and calibration programs. He function as a Chemical Hygiene Officer for the Radiation Analysis Facility. He also help with the training of subcontractors for general safety and general employee radiation training.

In July of 2021, Ian joined the University of Chicago Office of Research Safety in the role of laboratory safety specialist for the Physical Sciences Division. He works with the chemical safety officers, biosafety, Radiation Safety Program, principal Investigators, and laboratory staff to promote a culture of safety at the University of Chicago.