Safety Manuals

Below are the manuals for Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, and Radiation Safety.


University of Chicago Biosafety Manual: 3rd Edition

The University of Chicago’s Biosafety Manual provides detailed guidelines for handling pathogenic microorganisms and other potentially infectious materials at Biosafety Level 2. This manual discusses the recognition and control of biohazardous materials and includes an illustration of reporting structure and important contact information. You can download the full version or click on the Chapter most relevant to your search.

Full Text PDF UC Biosafety Manual Third Edition

Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II Code of Conduct and Culture of Responsibility
Chapter III General Biosafety Principles
Chapter IV Biohazard Containment
Chapter V Disposal of Wastes Contaminated with Infectious Agents
Chapter VI Emergency Plans and Reporting
Chapter VII Shipping Hazardous Biological Materials
Chapter VIII Viral Vectors
Chapter IX Biological Toxins
Chapter X Select Agents and Toxins
Chapter XI Dual Use Research of Concern
Appendix 1 Important Contact Information
Appendix 2 IBC Reporting Procedure

Biological Spill Response

Accidents happen and it is our job to make sure that you know what to do when that 20ml culture of Bacillus anthracis, or other potentially infectious substance, spills all over your lab bench. You can be prepared by downloading UChicago’s Biological Spill Protocol.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Full Text PDF Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chapter I General Laboratory Information
Chapter II Introduction
Chapter III Health and Physical Hazards of Chemicals
Chapter IV Hierarchy of Controls
Chapter V Hazard Communication in Laboratories
Chapter VI General Laboratory Hygiene
Chapter VII Emergency Procedures
Chapter VIII General Hazard Class Standard Operating Procedures
Appendix A Laboratory-Specific Training Requirements and Documentation
Appendix B Laboratory-Specific Standard Operating Procedures
Appendix C Laboratory-Specific Emergency Procedures

Radiation Safety Manual

The University of Chicago’s Radiation Safety Manual provides detailed guidelines for safe handling of radioactive materials. This manual discusses exposure control, procurement, waste management, and monitoring of radioactive materials. You can download the full version or click on the Chapter most relevant to your search.

Full Text PDF Radiation Safety Manual

Chapter I Application for Radioactive Protocol
Chapter II Radioactive Material Ordering
Chapter III Radioactive Material Accountability
Chapter IV Transferring Radioactive Material
Chapter V Occupational Exposure Monitoring
Chapter VI Safe Use of Radioactive Material
Chapter VII Recharge Services
Chapter VIII Radioactive Waste Management Program
Chapter IX Bioassay Guidelines
Chapter X Radiation Safety Audit Program
Chapter XI Radiation Badge Fact Sheet
University Fee Schedule
Medical Center Fee Schedule

Radioactive Incident Response

What do you do if you spill radioactive material? Who should you contact if you think you’ve been exposed to sources of radiation or have possibly encountered an overexposure? To answer these questions, download UChicago’s Radioactive Incident Response.