Laser Safety Course Descriptions

Course Description

Laser Safety Awareness Training

The Laser Safety Training will be administered in two sections. (I) The Laser Safety Lecture covers the fundamentals of laser operation, bioeffects of laser radiation on eyes and skin, laser system control measures, and non-beam hazards associated with laser operation. Prospective laser users may attend a live course administered by the LSO (or designee), or review the lecture materials online and submit a knowledge assessment to the Office of Radiation Safety. (II) In-Service Training consists of on-site instruction which encompasses each of the laser systems in use. Users will review the following: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) for each laser system; use of laser protective devices, including selection and use of protective eyewear; warnings and precautions to avoid possible exposure to laser radiation in excess of the Maximum Permissible Exposure, as determined in the Hazard Evaluation; and requirements for safe operation of lasers; and an evaluation of prospective laser users’ competence in operation and safety procedures. Laser Safety training must be arranged for by contacting the Office of Radiation Safety.

This course can be taken online via Chalk or in-person on an as-needed basis. Please contact our Radiation Safety Team if you wish to set up individual training.